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Becca's Blog:In thoughts and words
Sunday, 10 August 2008
Russia VS Georgia John Edwards VS USA
Mood:  incredulous
Have our lives gotten so boring that we actually have to create news-worthy stories..
Let's start with Russia Vs Georgia.. Easy to resolve... The place (South Ossetia) is technically in Georgia..Now you say "but 90% is Russian...Well let's think about this scenario for a moment..Let's say that Mexicans (cause we know this isn't slowly starting to happen now..;0) move into California and in 5 years 90% is Mexican...and the Californian Mexicans say "We want our indepenence (hey some have already said so) and we get to have California and unite it with Mexico....HELLO.... that is the samething happening with Georgia and Russia... We all know they want to unite with Russia because of Russia's wealth anyway...
Now for the least exciting news-worthy story...John Edwards Vs USA..;0 Okay how silly can you get..."Oh he has betrayed us..." Come on people....The only one he hath betrayed is his wife...Now I am a HUGE John Edwards fan... (I still would be voting for him if he got the nomination..) Let's get off our moral high horse and have a life... Is your life sooo boring that you have to get into someone else's life??? Think about it!! Plus Jesus said" who hath NO sin cast the first stone." Wow really do some of you have NO sin..?? I would definetly love to meet you and get some of your energy to rub off on to me.. I need some of what you got... Because as far as I know..everyone has done something that they are not proud of..maybe some worse then others..but let us not forget that pride goeth before the fall...So get off that damn horse and live a little..
Now there is no one running for office that I love..heck or even like...I would defiently choose John Edwards over either of them...Heck I would even choose Paris Hilton over either of them.. and I don't even like her...maybe we can get her to run...What do you think?? ;0
"Just one thing Paris..don't paint the White House pink.. I don't think any of us are ready for that much change!" ;0
Well that is my opinion and I am sticking to it!!

Posted by beccas-corner at 7:00 PM CDT

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