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Becca's Blog:In thoughts and words
Wednesday, 19 September 2007
Justice in Jena?
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Poem story...

I think people have forgotten who the true victim really is.. sadly enough if it was turned around... there still would be marching in Jena but for convicting the six white boys instead of letting off the black..... It is NOT an equal world out there... We should be evolving and NOT revolving... this is NOT the 19th centaury.. there are NO slaves to day people.. you have to get on with the present and future and not get stuck in the past.. Those boys did the crime and must now PAY with TIME.... time in prison... otherwise they will not learn anything and think they can do anything and get away with it just because of their race... because people like Al Sharpten will rally behind them... I still haven't heard Al Sharpten apologise for the Duke incident..... Those boys were innocent and now it has been proven but he has his own agenda... (part of it is staying in the news so he can get his face more famous)One should at least admit when they are wrong.. and he has been wrong more times than right...

I am for equality but incidents like these are turning people away and not for the races... and it wasn't just a fight... but a cruel and evil beating.. wanting to hurt badly this kid... and that is unacceptable.. but if we ooh and awe over the 6 kids that did it.. they will think they can walk and beat all over people and pay not one thing... Just think how you would feel if you were the boy's mom that got beaten badly....

From a very concerned human being of this world!




Justice in Jena? It's  hard to see.

The six guilty boys, may soon be free.

Yet the boy who was beaten from head to toe,

has no where to turn and no where to go!


You have to wonder where justice has been.

I use to think that he was a friend!

Yet Jena must soon shut down,

For crazy Al Sharpten has come to town.



Oh Jena how crazy your name has become.

You'll always be known for the crimes that were done.

And yet justice will be over turned you can bet,

instead of evolving; they just won't forget...

Posted by beccas-corner at 1:14 PM CDT

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