The Rainbow Dream Vision:
Let's all come together and make this world a beautiful and peaceful place for all!! Let's do that for Earth Mother and for ourselves! 


My purpose in distributing this vision of hope is this. To tell you there is an interactive prophecy, or prediction, which describes great things for the time in which we live. And to tell you that the dictators of our planet have been taking counter-measures to try to stop these good things happening.

There is a prophecy (actually, an 'interactive prediction', meaning, this is a future which can happen if we make it happen) of the intertribal medicine societies of the tribes of North America which is called the Rainbow Dream Vision. It is also called the 'twenty count' because it spans a period of 20 years.

The RDV describes people across the world starting to stand up for what is right.

The RDV warns us that "technology" will be used to try to stop us.

It is reported that the main media and news in the world is controlled by less than ten people. The Internet, however, is organised by several hundred million people, all of whom have equal standing with everyone else.

In recent years a big shift has been happening towards truth and accuracy, but we will have to persevere against those few people who wish to continue controlling the world for selfish and negative reasons.


The Text of The Rainbow Dream Vision

The Rainbow Dream Vision landed on my desk in the Cotswolds, England in 1984. In 1987 I went to look for the Hopi. And they came to look for me. The son of Grandfather David stopped my car on the outside of Hotevilla and invited me to come to a ceremony in the Kiva that evening. First he took me to meet Qwa David Monongye. In the Kiva I saw something which seemed to show me we could turn events the right way in the world if we all work together and take a stand for what is right.

A day or so later I went to leave the Hopi Mesas, and was taken back. I was taken to meet Thomas Banyacya. Thomas had been charged by the Hopi for many decades to take the Hopi warning to the U.N. This warning was essentially that life today would all end in tears unless the world started to act responsibily. The full United Nations assembly never heard the Hopi warning.

The Rainbow Dream Vision was released to the world in 1983 by Harley Swiftdeer Regan in Los Angeles. Thunder Woman gave Harley most of the native lore.

As you will see in the Rainbow Dream, this is the time for 'the common person'. It is the time for finding our way through unknown territory, trying to fathom out what is the right thing to do. The change we need is large, and therefore we can not use too much from the past to now find out what it is we need to do to correct all the damage to the Earth and damage to ourselves. We will have to find it together.

The future of the world is now up to us.

"Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the
future of humankind. Did you think you were put here for something less?"
--- Chief Arvol Looking Horse ---

Michael Irving, World-Action, British Isles - April 2005


Rainbow Dream Vision - The Twenty Count


The Twenty Count: 1993-2013

Take the Rainbow prophecy, make three quality photocopies and give or send them to three people anywhere on the planet. Then let them be guided by their hearts to do the same until all planetary citizens are brought to life in the Rainbow dream, so that we may dream and work together for true peace.

Love, Thunder Woman



Throughout the ages humanity has sought out the prophecies of the spiritually gifted to instil a clear hope and vision into life. During this time many prophecies come to us trying to lead us in many different directions. Some prophecy points to disaster, hopelessness and the annihilation of mankind. But other prophecies create a vision of joyful transformation through quantum leaps into love and light. We are dreamers and we create physical reality through the thoughtforms we hold. As things stand now, the human race is dreaming a hell. But as individuals and as a collective humanity it is our potential to dream of paradise and to create the kingdom of heaven on our Mother Earth. Could it be that the pain in our hearts caused by the hell we have created will spur us on into visions and creations of a world formed in love? It is my prayer and dream, along with a multitude of others who have taught me to dream the Rainbow dream, that each and every one of you learn to dream both while awake and sleeping, the dream of unity and love through divine transformation. This prophecy on the following pages is a dream and vision that is a potential reality for mankind. It is not an ultimatum. But it is ours to behold and to create if we only dare to dream it together.



'Prophecies Of The Native Americans'.
Transcribed from a tape by Harley Swiftdeer in April 1983.
This version of the RDV began to circulate in 1999

Editor’s note:
When the Rainbow Dream Vision (RDV) was first distributed to the world in 1984, the span of the ‘Twenty Count’ was given as 1980 to 2000. By 1987, it was becoming apparent that the Rainbow Dream Vision was not yet happening. In 1987, Jose Arguelles, the Mayan scholar, revealed the changeover of Mayan great cycles would be in 2012/2013. Since 1987 the 2012/2013 date has become popular. In 1993, many of the mysterious crop patterns in the British Isles displayed ‘wheel and key’ symbols as given in the first year of the Twenty Count. Therefore, this (1999) print of the RDV gives the time of implementation of this vision as 1993-2013. Thank you Harley Swiftdeer and Jose Arguelles. Now let’s all get out there and make it happen.


The Rainbow Dream Vision, Vision of Hope, and Twenty Count, is an 'interactive prediction'.
It is a suggested future which we can choose to create, and like all events in life, the achievement
of the future described here will depend on the actions we all take.


Part 1: PERSONAL AWAKENING 1993-1998  

1993 - The year of the creation of the teachings of the Eight Great Powers and the introduction and the giving back to humanity of the TWENTY COUNT. The Starmaiden Circle and the Flowering Tree teachings which began the evolution of the distribution of the WHEELS and KEYS of the esoteric teachings of the North American indians of Turtle Island. It was the year that the major beginning KEYS and WHEELS were given away.

1994 - The year of the planting of the light seeds of the Hokseda – the higher self. Many teachers of the Eight Great Powers began to plant their seeds of light about the development of the higher self and began to open the teachings of the rainbow people, also known as The Meti – mixed blood – the RAINBOW PEOPLE.

1995 - The year of fertilisation, the year of planting, the year of going within these seeds of light in order to see the potentiality, the ROAD MAP that a person can use. In the Turtle Island lore we say it is the year of finding one’s path with heart.

1996 - The year of fruition, the year of seeking perfection, growth and development. Most importantly this is the year of trust and innocence as being totally open, when people are listening and teachers are talking to teachers. When mythologies of the world and all eight Great Powers are finally revealing secrets and the teachings within the mythologies are brought out into the open.

1997 - The critical time. The time of the animal. The time of Tuwalananie – the dark force. The reason for this is that for three years seeds of light have been planted and we are STARTING TO GROW and the teachings are starting to come out and all those ones inside each of the Eight Great Powers who have taught partial truths, who have taught deliberate lies in history, who have used their power to gain followers, to gain disciples, to gain devotees, are going to be threatened by the awakening of the RAINBOW PEOPLE because the RAINBOW PEOPLE exist in every country, in every nation, in every land. The dark forces will be threatened and they will use their power and their power exists in technology. We are going to see some of the most strong technological advances known to humanity occurring at this time and these very technological advances are going to be a tremendous threat as well as a blessing to the survival of humanity.


1998 – The time of human to human communication. The time the human family finally starts to become human, if we get through 1997. Then there will be more information brought out into open format than has ever been seen on this planet in the first fifty thousand years. Because soon we will re-establish CONTACT in a very knowledgeable way with our ancestors from the stars. So mark that down because it will happen. The first wave will come from the Pleiades and will be totally acknowledged and will be known to all the world powers. The second wave will come from SIRIUS.

[Notes I made in 2001 – Delete or omit them if you prefer:

The powers that be on Earth have been trying to delay this meeting for over 50 years with the massive disinformation campaign and ridicule of any belief in life outside Earth. They have tried, in other words, to keep us in the Stone Age. They have done worse than that. There is considerable evidence that Over-Unity 'Free' energy was discovered several decades ago, even as far back as the 1940s some say, and this non-polluting and inexhaustible energy source has been hidden from us, in a similar fashion to the cover-up of the existence of life outside Earth. This deception has caused us to pollute the Earth and ourselves for several decades for no good reason. There is another thing you should know. Technology of many types, as warned of above, has been used in many different ways against the mainstream of humanity. For one, there has been massive aerial spraying, in many countries connected with NATO, of concentrates of aluminium and barium and other elements. The alleged purpose of this is to reduce 'Global Warming'. However, science is not all sure what 'Global Warming' is as temperatures do not actually seem to be rising. But what is rising is the use of advanced technology which has the ability to modify weather patterns around the Earth. Presently, in Canada, there is litigation against the use of this malevolent technology. The global aerial spraying of aluminium and barium, etc. is termed 'Chemtrails', and it has been happening since 1990, or earlier. Chemtrail spraying significantly increased in 1998, and increased further in 2000 and 2001. 'Chemtrails' inhibit brain functioning and cause break down of the immune system, causing severe respiratory illness. The metals and chemicals of Chemtrails are released by plane in the atmosphere and they descend forming scruffy and streaky, low cloud cover. 'Chemtrails' don't evaporate like classic contrails. ('Contrails' are comprised of frozen droplets of vapour and therefore evaporate and disappear as they descend). Chemtrails, therefore, obscure the sky above, and are helping disguise the presence of ever increasing anomalous craft reported all over Earth. And, remember, Chemtrails not only badly damage our health, but also inhibit and damage our brain functioning. I will let you add together these factors, and see if you feel these disastrous technological developments are a means to keep us in bad health, enslaved, and out of touch from life outside Earth. Personally, I would say technology is definitely being used against us, as warned of in the Rainbow Dream Vision. But, the RDV tells us: "GATHER TOGETHER. PUT A DOUBLE AMOUNT OF ENERGY WITH WHAT YOU ARE FOR. WE CAN CHANGE IT".]


Part 2: GLOBAL GATHERING 1999-2005  

1999 - When tagashala and the enlightened teachers begin to open the veil of the crack between the worlds, we will see our memory circles. All kivas and sacred power spots will come alive in 1999 and be totally awakened.

[This did not appear to happen. There was too much: 'Technology', 'Chemtrails', 'HAARP', 'ELF', 'Microwave', etc. But the veil is opening. People are beginning to see what is really going on in the world, and they are finding out what they really feel about important things.]

The inner room of the great pyramid will be opened [This may be a NWO plan]. Many of the teachers, leaders and ceremonialists that are so-called traditional, but are trying to keep us locked in the past, will not function today – will fall. Many teachers and wise people will be seen for who they are and they will be the farmers, the labourers and the gas station attendants because the tagashala will be fully awakened.

2000 - People will begin to wake up to seeing what is really happening in the world. In 2000, 144,000 enlightened souls [Harley Swiftdeer has moved, it seems, parts of the Book of Revelation - such as '144,000' - straight into the R.D.V.] will sit down in Gathering Together Circles. Many of these will be the so-called ‘common people’ and not the teachers you see up there now.

On August 17, 2000, the various winged serpent wheels will begin to turn, to dance once again and when they do the rainbow lights will be seen in dreams all over the world and these rainbow light dreams will help awaken the rest of humanity.

[The Mayan expert, Jose Arguelles, suggests that '144,000' does not actually refer to a specific number of people. Jose says the number 144,000 is a key factor of the speed of light. Therefore, the year 2000 could be the year when many people start 'getting up to speed', as in 'getting our acts together'. This may also refer to becoming fully human again in terms of using our 'light body'. This natural state of being human has probably been disrupted due to the extremely dysfunctional effects of mass inoculation; chemtrail spraying; mercury poison in teeth fillings; modern invasive medicine; chemical additives in food; massive electro-magnetic pollution; etc. --- It is around year 2000 that information began to really flood the world through the rapid increase of numbers of people using the Internet. The people sharing this information worldwide and who appear to be taking on intelligent responsibility for the concerns of all life on Earth, could be termed as participating in: 'The Great Gathering Together Circle'. --- FOR SEVERAL YEARS, IF NOT DECADES, WE HAVE BEEN BADLY AFFECTED BY IRRESPONSIBLE TECHNOLOGY. HOWEVER, IN THE YEAR 2001, THE NEW WORLD ORDER STARTED TO CARRY OUT SPECIFIC, INSANE MOVES. THEREFORE, THE REST OF THE RAINBOW DREAM VISION, FROM 1999-2001, IS NOW HELD UP, AND WE WILL ONLY GET BACK THE PROGRESS WE WERE MAKING BY OUR UNITED AND DETERMINED EFFORTS.]

2001 – We will sit in a new circle of law. Civil and social law will tumble. All civil and social laws will have to be in conformity with natural laws or the people will not accept them and they will have the enlightenment necessary to reject those laws.

Science will once again become metaphysics. They will discover four laws that will help them jump to universal law and transcend the time-space continuum which is the limitation of the age and once again we will begin to take our power and to work with rules and laws that are cosmic laws.

[NOTES I wrote at the end of 2001: It looks like there was a backlash by 'the elite' on Earth because a highly suspicious event happened in the second half of 2001: the outrageous attacks on September 11th. Much evidence circulated largely through the Internet indicates the perpetrators of '9-11' were people in and behind the highest echelons of the U.S. government. These tragic and evil events were used by the Bush Administration to introduce far-reaching legislation which actually curtailed and restricted the rights and liberties of U.S. citizens. So the 'dark forces' actually severely restricted public liberties in 2001. However, this may have been a mistake by the elite, because in 2002 a massive backlash, called the 'anti-globalist movement', and other names, really began to gain momentum and worldwide recognition.]

2002 - We will once again see the way to continue a new dream. We will be given the road map back to the stars and we will see the star people come out of the illusion of their two-legged form and into their actual great sleeper-dreamer form. And so you will meet some really great people in 2002. This is the year of the second coming of Christ as spoken of in the Book of Revelations and it will be the awakening of a new circle, a new design of energy movement for humanity. ‘Christ’ means ‘a circle’. So the second coming of the sacred circle is all enlightened humans dancing as one consciousness.

[As we can see, this sort of 'great life on Earth' has been held up by the disastrous moves of the New World Order.  However...]

2003 - A POWERFUL YEAR and its really hard for me to talk about it. I am a great dreamer but I don’t know if I dream that large. We will see a real shift in planetary consciousness. Many of the enemies of the humans will begin to drop (original said "die") away.

2004 - We will totally gain the light of the great light wheel. There will be one humanity, one planet composed of all the different ways of dancing in complete harmony in The Great Gathering Together Circle. In 2004 all the seeds will be planted.

2005 - The Earth will have its true reality formed. It will join the sisterhood of planets, the daughters of Copperwoman and it will create within itself all forms of all things in harmony with the everything.


Part 3: THE NEW WAY 2006-2013

2006 - We will see a whole new way of perfection. There will be plants on this grandmother earth that will give life and sustenance as never before seen. Starvation on the earth – all those things will be gone.

2007 - There will be total balance and harmony. All humans will be balanced fives, or enlightened fives – a six. And they will still be in their physical bodies.

[Perhaps, we can get back on course by 2008...]

2008 – The new race of humans will begin to design their new reality of life on this planet as they intended it to be when they first came here from the Stars.

2009 - We will begin to establish this planet and use the collective consciousness to hold the power of this space in harmony with the Great Circle of Twelve and all the planets. There is a whole lot I don’t even know. There is more that I am not supposed to talk about yet.

2010 - The dream will be actualised and this planet will hold its space in the great council of planets and become a part of the universal enlightened sisterhood and brotherhood of humanity and keepers of the light circles. It's happened on many planets and it's expected to happen on a lot of other planets.

2011 - There will be a moment in 2011 when the population will be 'The Population', and something big will happen.

2012 - This planet will have its design of energy movement guided by all of humanity living here.

2013- In the year 2013 the Great Spirit will have left its seed and the egg of everything here on this planet and it will create itself 20 times over at the speed of light and this prophecy ends as I have been given it by the Grandmothers that I share with you now.




The Rainbow Dream Vision --- 1993 to 2013 --- The Vision of Hope



"We will see a halo of mist around the heavenly bodies ... as a warning that we must reform, and telling us that people of all colour must unite and arise for survival... and that we must uncover the causes of our dilemmas. Unless man-made weapons are used to strike first, peace will then come."  






The Rainbow Dream Vision, Vision of Hope, and Twenty Count, is an 'interactive prediction'.
It is a suggested future which we can choose to create, and like all events in life,
the achievement of the future described here will depend on the actions we all take.

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The Great Gathering Together Circle


 The Purpose of Gathering Together 'Truth' Circles

The Purpose of gathering at special sites is to empower people by meeting like-minded people who also urgently want to change the world for the better. When we know others think and feel the same things we do, we are empowered. We know we are normal, and we know there are more of us. These gatherings are to help you make links with other people, and links to small and large networks and groups of people. We are going to express ourselves, hear others, connect with others, and feel and know the world is changing as we do this. When our personal world changes, the world also changes; when we change, we become different people and we can do different things. Let's make it happen. Let's go. You can start in your garden, a friend's garden, a local park, or sacred site at the Equinox: 20th March 2010. ~ The next date will be the Solstice: 21st June 2010.


Agenda for Gathering Together Global 'Truth' Circles

1) NOON: Form a circle, holding hands, three minutes silence.

2) Ten minutes meditation / quiet / prayer, sitting on the ground.

3) Sharing Circle: Pass the talking stick, share your experience

from the meditation, share ideas and plans, or hold the stick.

In winter: bring waterproof, warm clothes, hot drink, etc.


Re-Starting: 20th March 2010 at Noon


Gathering Together 'Truth' Circle Sites for the UK

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The Wrekin, Shropshire, Wales/England

Rollright Stone Circle, Oxfordshire-Warks, England

Ivinghoe Beacon, Buckinghamshire, England

Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire, England

Merry Maidens Stone Circle, Cornwall, England

Maiden Castle, Dorset, England

The Eildon Hills, Borders, Scotland

Tara - Hill of the Kings, Near Dublin, Eire

Inch Island (the Round Fort), Donegal, Eire

The Rock of Cashel, Eire

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Extracts from the Rainbow Dream Vision of Hope


When Tagashala and the enlightened teachers begin to open the veil of the crack between the worlds, we will see our memory circles. All kivas and sacred power spots will come alive and be totally awakened. Many of the teachers, leaders and ceremonialists that are so-called traditional, but are trying to keep us locked in the past, will not function today, will fall. Many teachers and wise people will be seen for who they are and they will be the farmers, the labourers and the gas station attendants because the Tagashala will be fully awakened. Many people will begin to awaken in their dream mind-body. Awakening souls will sit down in gathering together circles. Many of these will be the so-called common people and not the teachers you see up there now. The various winged serpent Wheels will begin to turn, to dance once again and when they do the Rainbow lights will be seen in dreams all over the world and these Rainbow light dreams will help awaken the rest of humanity.


The Rainbow Dream Vision, 1993-2013


"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness."
-Dalai Lama