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Becca's Blog:In thoughts and words
Friday, 24 June 2011
Top 6 sexy actors
Mood:  chatty
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Topic: Top 6 sexy actors
  • Well quite a few people have done their list of sexy actors/actresses...here is mine, such as it is! it might only be a short list of 6 but they are the best to me....There are others that are okay but we're doing top sexy actors...
  • 1 Viggo Mortensen- He is not only sexy but he is a whole artist package in my book. First of all he can act..he can act in any role and come out top winner. He is also a poet, photographer, a painter, a musician plus he has his own small publishing company where he tries to find great yet unknown artists and poets..I wish he would discover me..;)
  • 2 Gerard Butler- Oh and WOW...He is one sexy man..and he has that great Scottish accent thing going..But he is a playboy and a half..not going to settle ,most likely, down anytime soon ladies...He is the Angelina Jolie of the guys..he has probably had a fling with almost all of his female costars...but if I wasn't married and he asked to take me away...I'm going, going, gone....;) He is also a really great actor..he also can play a lot of different roles..Hey he can do the macho roles then turn around and do a ladies type film with PS I love you...and Phantom of the opera..and you got to love a guy who has a pug named Lola...I mean that would be closer to a ladies dog...well maybe pugs are neutral..but he is intense and real..not a fake..so you got to give him kudos for that..and he never ever said he wasn't a love em and leave em kind of guy..just most of the actresses think they are the one..like the dingy but cute Jennifer Annisten..who once again fell for the roving eye kind of guy and got dumped..now they say he is going with that young lady who use to be on 7th heaven Jessica Biel.... I don't get that..she is not all that in my book..of course he says they are just friends..just friends to Gerard means they slept together only a handful of times I suppose..
  • 3 Anthony Michael Hall- Now there is a very talented and great looking actor..when he was a kid I was not fond of his movies or looks but he sure has grown into them now..He is about 6ft and has that reddish blonde hair thing going for him and those wonderful blue eyes...he is also a producer, and director and does a lot of his own stuff..got to love that about him! Plus he will always take out time for his fans..Another bachelor but very busy fellow..
  • 4 Daniel Craig- Now another actor who has got that reddish gold hair and blue eyes..(yes I like reddish blonde hair ;0 ) he is also a very good actor and Welsh (which is in my own lines) and Irish (also in my lines) ancestry....He is also in my book one of the best James Bonds...besides Roger Moore...of course..I was not that big of a fan with Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan....he is also dating the beautiful Rachel Weiss..
  • 5 Timothy Olphant- Which if you don't know the name he is the great looking guy in the series Justified and the great movie Catch and Release with the lovely and fresh Jennifer Garner...who is one of my top 6 actresses. He is a very great actor and not bad on the eyes..;)
  • 6 Mel Gibson- An oldie but always a goodie in my book..not too many roles he couldn't play and you just can't beat the classics...;)

Posted by beccas-corner at 8:18 AM CDT
Updated: Friday, 24 June 2011 8:55 AM CDT

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