My love comes to me in the night, and holds me to his chest,
I feel his breath coming in passions light as I hold him to my breast.
Our lips do meet in a kiss to steal, our ragged breaths away.
One on one our bodies seal, til the break of day.

But always when the first star shines, my lover comes to me.
Our hearts are one forever twined, through eternity.
We heal each other kiss to kiss, our love forever true.
With each touch a total bliss, felt only by a few!



I thought of you, and my heart did soar,
I thought of your gentle Leo's roar.
I felt your carress, like a gentle breeze.
I heard your voice in the singing leaves.
I thought of you, and my heart beat fast.
My heart said this is your true love at last.
I saw your eyes in the glow of a star,
and may you feel my love from afar.



I am waiting for you, lying in the sand,
for you to come to me and with your hand,
touch me all over....

It could be in the mountains, or in a cabin in the snow,
I will follow you anywhere you want me to go....
just touch me all over...

Touch me and carress me,just don't forget me.
Do anything you desire, just take me higher,
and touch me all over....
with your love!



What I dream, is of you
and all the wonders that you do.
You've captured fast my beating heart
never from you my love will part!

To walk with you under starlight,
with tender loving to complete the night.
With the sound of the ocean's roar,
who could ever ask for more!

What I dream, is of you
hoping you dream of me too.
I blow a kiss to a star,
so you can feel me from afar!



You came into my life like a whirlwind of emotion,
bringing a love I thought couldn't exist. Each day
brought forth excitment and anticipation and built
up more each day. Then it became less frequent
but you still said, I love you and you're the love
of my life! So I held on....

Then the last time you said I do love you, but then
you said no more. Now I wonder what you are doing?
And what you are thinking? And why do I hurt so bad!
Still, like a snake sheds it's skin will I ever pick myself
up and go on. For such is my inner power and strength.
So darling I love you but I now let go!



You are the whisper on the wind.
The love that never ends.
You are my bright and shining star.
How I wonder who you are....

You are the soft and gentle carress.
You are the love and tenderness.
I feel your warmth and your fire.
It's only you I desire....

Someday I'll see your face.
Who knows the time or place.
The magics in the air.
I can feel it there.

Until then my love,
we shall only meet in dreams....



Moonlight sonatas and stars in the night,
a billowing magic of lovers delight.
A rapture of warmth and pure desire,
a blissful state of passions fire.

The scent of roses in the air,
the heated magic that takes me there.
Come to me my lover of bliss,
and seal our fate with a kiss.

Seranade me with a passionate moan,
a song of love to call my own.
A tender carress and a heated glance,
only you can make me dance.



Yonder knight, why sit you there?
Gazing at your lady fair?
Take her into your loving arms.
Fill her heart with all your charms.

Her pale skin sparkles under the silver moon,
as her sensual lips whisper the notes of a tune.
Go to her now and ask her to dance,
as you gaze in her eyes in a lover's trance.

Oh brave Knight you've nothing to fear
as you hold your lady close and dear.
So why sit you here upon a tree?
Oh my knight come to me!

For I am she......



Through ice and snow I search for you,
amoung valleys and streams I wade.
But your face I never see,
except in dreams and fantasy.

I fly to the heights of the Milky Way,
across the stars and vastness of space.
To worlds unknown and places unseen,
but I only see you in my dreams!



As I gaze into the midnight sky I wonder where you are.
Do you know I exist though we've never touched except
in dreams? I see your eyes and face in my dreams and yet
that isn't enough any more. Patience isn't my virtue. Nor
is life without love my strength. I call to you and I wonder
do you ever hear me? Across the stars and moon, you lie
somewhere and I wonder, do you know I exist?

Come dance with me tonight under the pale moon light.
Let us love, if only in dreams until the day when you see
me, touch me, and hear me and know I exist!



She came down the aisle; a vision of bliss.
Pure elegance all wrapped in a kiss.
Her sweet smile; the fall of her hair,
the smell of the roses permeating the air.

The petals were strewn under her feet,
the ladies in gowns all simple and sweet.
The day belonged to the lady in white,
and the man by her side treating her right.

The organ was playing then the vows were read,
all the people were listening to every word they said.
The kiss was sensual; a romantic entree,
as to what would come at the end of the day.

The couples danced all through the night,
and the bride and groom took their flight.
To dance a dance all their own,
together forever to be a home!



The lady sits within the tower, gazing at the view,
adorned with just a simple gown, worn only by a few.
Guarded by a liege of knights outside the castle wall,
by the fireside she sits as the evening starts to fall.

Once upon a time there was, a suitor brave and fair,
who stole the lady's heart with just his knightly air.
He promised her one day to come and take her far away
so now she sits within her room waiting day by day.

Her golden hair and kindly smile as caused a few to start,
quoting poems and singing verse while pleading for her heart.
But with a smile and a nod she gives not one a care,
as they gaze into her window and simply stand and stare.

Her long lost knight has gone crusading and someday he will be,
within her arms no more to roam across the restless sea.
Until then she will remain simple, pure and quaint,
she is a pearl so rare; the lady is a saint.



What is more beautiful than starlight on water?
The starlight in your eyes, as they stare into mine.
What is more heart-felt than a snowy moonlit night?
Knowing you are mine for all time.

What is more soft than a whispering breeze?
The soft feel of your lips as we kiss.
What is more timeless than a night under the stars?
A night wrapped up in your warm sweet bliss.

What is more refreshing than a gurgling stream?
Waking up beside you each morn.
What is more joyful than a laughing child?
Feeling each day with you reborn.



Merlin how you have touched my soul.
The fire blazing in your eyes ignites
the passion in my heart. I long for you
to come to me. In dreams we wander through
the ancient groves of pine and embrace and
dance the night away under the moon and
stars. We love as lovers do and morning finds
us in our lover's embrace.

Merlin do not be afraid to reach out and
touch me. I am real as you! My feelings
match your feelings and my love matches
your love. Come whisper in my ear and tell
me all the secrets of your heart! I am here
for you my love. I stand beside you where
the crystal river flows and we know in our
hearts we have come full circle.



You make me feel cherished and loved,
like a goddess in the deep of the sky.
You make me feel like I can fly like an
eagle, and twinkle like the stars in your

You make me happy to rise like the sun,
and dream of your love every night. To
be as inspiring as the lovely rose and to
shine like a star burning bright.



You came to me in sacred falls,
your piercing eyes tore my soul.
I knew you ere in times so old
my spirit never forgot. I reached
out to you and we wept tears of
joy, your eyes filled with a golden
mist. Your hair of the brightest sun.

'Come to me', you whisper.' Remember
our sacred vow.' You embrace me and
promise to return. And here I await you
my love under the golden glow of the star
light that matches your eyes. My guardian,
my love, and the other half of my spirit,
come to me I wait your return!



Long ago there lived two lovers,
who cherished each other with a love so true.
But then one day they got torn apart,
as often times lovers do.

He cried out with a tortured soul,
'Do not leave me for the land of light.'
As he waited for her spirit to come,
he wept all through the deep of night.

She came to him with open arms,
and told him that he must not weep.
That his life must go on
and they will meet each night in the realm of sleep.

But his soul could not stop,
and with a cry that rent the night.
She held out her arms to him,
and said, 'follow me to the land of light.

But first there must be tests and trials,
and many life times we will keep.
Sometimes we will be together,
but always in dreams in deep of sleep.

Over mountain tops he climbed,
following her to the land of light.
They lived through many tears of joy,
and pains and sorrow through the darkest night.

They leaped across the stars and moon,
and floated on clouds of lover's bliss.
There were times he slipped and fell,
but always preserved by her humble kiss.

Then there came a time when he,
no more saw his love of old.
Then he became weak and pale,
and his heart grew ever cold.

He cried out in sacred prayers.
They rang out near and far.
Then he noticed a brightened light,
coming from a twinkling star.

The star said, 'cousin follow me.'
And led him through the silent night.
'Do not ever give up hope,
you will find the land of light.'

Then it all became so clear.
It was there all the time.
He should look deep within,
and shine his light to all mankind.

So he loved the Earth and Sky.
And all the creatures big and small.
He said, 'Let me be their guiding light,
and pick them up when they fall.'

His heart burst forth big and wide,
and lit the Universe within a glance.
Then came his love of old.
They merged within their sacred dance!



The stars reflecting in your eyes
strike up a chord within my soul.
I have known you oh ancient one
from eons past. Calling me from
a distant time, 'Remember me'
you whisper long into the night.
Don't forget starchild your destiny.

I won't forget oh golden eyed one.
Your image is imprinted within my
heart; for you are a part of my being.
You are the other half of me and my
love for all time! As I gaze up at the
twinkling orbs above, I remember the
way you held me in our sacred dance



Your hypnotic eyes put me in a trance,
igniting a fire as we dance.
Dancing away I feel no control
You can see through my soul.

Your golden eyes stare into mine.
The mystery we share from an ancient time.
You call me to my destiny.
A perfect union yet to be!



I feel your breath on my face,
but I don't know the place.
You are there, so am I,
gazing at the endless sky,
but who are you?

Your eyes intensely stare at me,
as if to solve a mystery.
The air is charged with an electric chill,
the night around us soft and still,
as the stars shine above.

You're part of me, I'm part of you,
the ultimate love, strong and true.
Two flames burning in the night,
reuniting in the light,
eternal bliss forever!



Knight, my knight as you lie there sleeping,
what dreams of love is your soul, there keeping?
As you lie upon the woodland floor,
and dream of your lady fair some more.

Knight, my knight is your heart now taken?
Can I have a kiss when you awaken?
Roses in the woodland air,
faintly scent your tousled hair.

Knight, my knight can you hear my plea?
And win my heart as your victory.
What an honor and a dream,
to be called your lady queen!



I lay on my bed and dream of you!
As you touch and kiss me like a gentle
lover. My lips part for you and I sigh
as your whisper soft voice tells me of the
pleasures you will give me. My passion filled
voice telling of my love for you! As we move
in the rhymn of the night as lovers do! Entwined
and hearts beating.. one last kiss to seal our
destinies. Your arms pillowing my head as we
dream the sleep that lovers dream. Floating
to the very heights of the midnight sky. On
the clouds of connected souls. We know we
have been here before and that we shall
always go here! While we dream locked
together in our lover's embrace the whole
night long. Then when the sun filters in the
room, my lover of the night has vanished.
I smile my secrete smile, knowing he shall
return to me this very night in my dreams
again, while I sleep in my room under the moon
filled sky!



When the moon glows brightly I feel your presence,
it surrounds me like a halo of pure love. Your very
essence pours over me and merges into the core of
my very being. I feel your touch carressing me like
a gentle lover; a phantom lover, and yet you are so
much more for you are real. You are as real as my
soul, as my breath. I can see you in my dreams, as
you reach out to me, as I am reaching out to you.
And I wonder, 'Will it ever be more?' When will you
come to me my love. I am waiting ever so patiently
for you! Come to me and complete me!



Your brown wavy hair lies across

your forehead, our legs entwined,

it's as if we are one body lying together

amidst the tangled sheets. Your hand

touches my face and you look intensely

into my eyes, and in that one moment

I realize that you and I are one.



You came into my life, like a star in the heavens.

You lit up my heart, with your burning eyes.

I'd cross the world to be with you.

I'd travel the midnight darkened skies.

The stars have always held my gaze.

But now that you are here with me,

your brightness far outshines the stars.

For you are the only one I see.

You touch my soul like no other.

Your whispering voice melts my heart.

The universe smiles down upon me,

for now I know I got a part.

You are the only one my heart cries out for.

There is no other, like you for me.

Our love will go on never-ending,

even past eternity!



With the stars all around me, I'm feeling at home.

Here in the silence, I'm never alone,

And I know you're out there, waiting for me.....

Millions of stars, golden and red,

their dazzling brilliance, over my head.

And I feel you call me with your soul.

Night after night, I go outside,

my thoughts and my feelings, I long to confide.

And my heart echoes in the silence to where you are.



My heart is connected to you my love.

Do you feel it? I hear your voice though

you are not here beside me, calling me to

you through our dreams. We dance the

magical dance of pure love under the star

glow. Although you are far away, we dance

in union and our thoughts touch in space.

Come to me tonight and let us love the night




In the early twilight hour when the stars
first start to glow, I think of you and
wonder where you are and who you are. I
have seen you many times in the myst of
my dreams. Your smile like a golden ray of
sun, your eyes the color of the afternoon
sky on a cloudless day! Your hair like the
wheat of the fields. We meet and we never
want to be without the other again. We talk
of life and we hold hands while gazing at the
midnight sky above. Speaking from our hearts,
knowing that are souls are connected in ways
that no other can have with us. It all seems
like a wild dream, but dreams are forever! So
is our eternal love!



As the moonlight reflects over the water,
so my soul reflects my love for you! I reach
up to the stars and I whisper, 'Can you hear
me?' I hear the mysterious call of the Loon
off the lake singing his song of magic and I
Can't help but feel his power of love within
me. The night is dark except for the light of
the jeweled stars and moon above and I can
see forever, and I wonder are you out there
somewhere and can you hear my heart calling
to you? A slight breeze catches my hair and it is
like I can feel your touch carressing me. I can

feel you so intensely as I can see you in my
dreams. I wonder if you see me too! Shall
I ever know or will I forever wonder? The
moon shines down on me and I feel her
glow reach into my heart as her golden
beams fill up my soul. She tells me of the
power of the dream. The golden tapestry
of our hearts reaches out like a web of love
and touches the one whose heart is always
ours throughout all of time! We are never
apart when we feel and recognize this
connection! So as I dream of you, I know
you are dreaming of me too!



In the night our soul touches and we dance in the beauty of the spheres.

Mingling and merging becoming one body, igniting a flame deep within our

spirit. One spirit that split and became two and spiraled off to explore

new life, always embedded with the knowing of eternal love; one in two


The stars shine down this ancient wisdom upon us, saying awaken and remember who

you are and where you came from! Spread your wings of

light and shine upon others. Deep in the night when the universe is filled

with the silence of the planets, two bodies meet and become one again!

Beyond time, beyond space we are always connected as one!



In timeless bliss you set me high,
as I drown in the gaze of your eyes.
Upon the wings of love I fly,
like the Phoenix from his ashes doth rise.

In timeless bliss my hearts on fire,
as the touch of your lips set me aflame.
With every raging wave of desire,
washes over my soul as I call out your name.

In timeless bliss your love doth linger,
eons of time cannot undo.
And even when death will touch his finger,
with my last breath I'll remember you!




As the lady waits upon her love so fair,
she gazes at the night with a tender stare.
With gossamer wings her heart does soar,
as she looks out on the midnight shore.

As the lady waits for the footfall she knows,
the night falls upon her with the scent of the rose.
The call of the lark still out on his flight,
just as the evening turns into night.

As the lady waits for his whisper soft kiss,
filled with the rapture of ectasy's bliss.
With the moon's full shine she contemplates.
The night is softly turning as the lady waits.



Oh Lenessa, lady fair,
eyes of amber gold.
Oh beauty with golden hair,
a treasure to behold.

How so like a nightingale,
you sing into the night.
many a knight for you hath fell
you shine like golden light.

A pearl adorns your lovely head,
with a veil of lace.
Oh beauty why art thou sad?
You cover up your face.

Was there a knight your heart holds dear,
Where could your lover be?
Although you live in mortal fear,
you saved him from the sea.

Oh lovely lady tear drops fall,
you live in prison's hell.
But one day you heard love's call,
and for the prince you fell.

Now in vain you must try,
in secret wedded bliss,
to meet your lover, least you die,
for just a stolen kiss.

You run and hide into the night,
to meet your lover there.
Two lovers taking off in flight,
in the midnight air.

A ship to take you across the sea,
to a land unknown.
Two lover's born to be free,
and make it on their own.

And so the story goes on to say,
the two made their flight.
They made a new and brighter day,
on that starry, starry night.



Your silent eyes reach out to me,
calling me through the myst of time.
I see the vision of your face forever
etched upon my heart and mind.

I reach out my hand to you, but
you disappear into the air. Now
I have only a faint memory; a
trace of your smile and hair.

Your laugh eludes me as does your
voice. I know your eyes, are keen
and intense. But the picture it gives
is only a faded rememberance.



I hear the ancient beat of the drum and I see a flash of your eyes.
I catch a glimpse and rememberance of you, as I hear you calling
my name. The brilliance of the midnight stars shine brightly as your
echoing voice whispers to me on the wind. I say, 'Here I am', but
you never answer, but go on calling me as if from some distant yet
close place within. I feel you close at night in my dreams. In that
special place only we know. How I long for the night and the visions
of your face; your smile and laughter and those intense eyes that
penetrate to my very soul! I know how close we are to discovering
our very own reality and those nights when I will be in your arms
and not only in your dreams!



If I was your lady and you were my knight,

we'd ride the hills and valleys below.

Our days would be filled with tender light.

Nights we would love under the moon's full glow.

I'd sit and listen to your ballad love song,

as I would sit and softly sigh.

Then we'd love the whole night long,

as the night silently flew by.

If I was your lady and you were my knight,

we'd live in our castle in the air.

We'd dance in our dream of heaven's delight.

And live in our realm of fantasy there!



My dream of you is of the night,

of brilliant stars cast in light.

As siren songs fill the air,

I feel your touch upon my hair.

My magic knight of love's sweet bliss,

I await breathlessly for your kiss.

With sleeping smile as if on cue,

with magic splender, I dream of you!



'Patience', I hear, 'Your time will come.' But as I look at the starry skies above
I wonder at those words. I hear your voice calling me but it is far away into the
night, not whispering in my ear. I reach out to you, but like Merlin, you disappear
into the night leaving me with the cold winds of reality. Sometimes I wonder,'Are
you real?' So I leave the night and lay in bed knowing I will only see you and touch
you in our dreams! Come to me tonight and let us fly to the moon and rest on golden
beams. Until then!



You call to me like a lone wolf cries across the prairie.

Your heart beats in cadence with mine. Two lonely souls

who dream in the night for their magic moment. The night

is always ours but the day, is always just another day. Come

to me my star of the night, and light the fires within. Dream

with me! Let's fly across the galaxy and catch a shooting star.

Let's follow the golden path to the end of the rainbow. And

glide on the wind where ever it blows. Just you and I! The day

time is for living but the night is for dreams...Come dream with




The song in your heart takes me out of this world.
Far beyond the essence of thought. Where feelings
and eternal bliss exist in one measure. You take my
hand and we fly away, through galaxies unknown to
man. Where we are free from all except our love.

The whisper of your voice sends me far beyond sounds.
Where only stillness of all come together. The touch of
your words send shivers down my spine. Where there
is only you and I. Only this present moment of love is
the eternity for us. Let us go there, only you and I my



Your beautiful mind persuades my heart,
with your whispered words of love.
I stand under the starry sky,
waiting for your love.

Come to me as the meadow lark,
sings and takes his flight.
Let's drink in the starlight bliss,
and love away each night



Dancing upon the water like a fairy in flight,
as the moon shines down upon me on this starry night.
I long to gaze upon you, as the moon upon the sea,
contemplating the moment like a fading memory.

I catch a glimpse of your soul, but never more to find,
like a long lost photo fading with the time.
I feel your heart reach out to me across the edge of sleep,
But the tender moments I rarely ever keep.

For as the sun shines upon me in the early break of day,
all the treasured dreams simply slip away.
But as the stars begin to dance upon a midnight sky,
I know our sacred moments will never, ever die!



The night is alight with stars
and I long to hear your voice.
It feels like it's been a million
years since I touched you and
felt your body upon mine. Come,
come to me and say you remember
our first dance of bliss when the stars
first filled with light and the doves first
kissed. When the waters were all young
and teeming with life. And you were my
man and I was your wife. As the Creator
first paired us together, forever and always
will it be. Please my darling lover, say you
remember me!



Like a mermaid in the sea,

you captured every part of me.

I tried to fight but couldn't resist,

your tender eyes and loving kiss.

You took my soul with chalice in hand,

as I tried to make my stand.

But I had no where to flee,

for your memory followed me.

So a captured mermaid I remain,

for your love left a stain.

So kiss me darling and love me well,

for we live where legends dwell.



Like a queen upon her horse, you take me to magical places,
with faeries and crystal waterfalls with woodland all around.
Upon my white horse through the fields I ride; wind blowing
my hair. You take me to places like this with your soft words
and gentle manner. You make me believe in dreams again.

Like a lady in waiting, I searched for you. But you were always
in my dreams; touching and stroking my face. You've been inside
me all along; in my soul. Now I can see my castle in the clouds,
covered in stardust. You are there and you take my hand. Yes
you take me to magical places, and I never want the dream to



Dancing in the night like a dreamer.
I feel the kiss of the golden beams
of the moon. The stars shine upon
my body and I feel the gypsy within
me stir. Come, come dance with me,
for there is room for you my love.

The touch of your hands on my back
sets me on fire. The warmth of your
body burns out any stars in the sky.
Move with me and let's set the heavens
on fire with our gypsy hearts. Come my
darling and dance with me in the night!



In the corner of my world I await your voice.

It's been so long since I've heard you my love.

I still feel you there, though faint and soft;

your breath on my neck and the touch of your

fingers along my spine.

Loneliness grips me with her suffocating manners.

My dreams are all that pulls me along. I go from

day to day as if walking through a haze and I wonder

if you still think and dream of me! Or am I a lonely player

in a game of solitare?



You came to me in the night and loved me like no other;

A part of my dreams, and yet faded into the stardust of

the universe. Like a siren I called out to you and your love.

For what a lonely place I lived in. You poured out your heart

and soul to me and put me on a pedastool. I found it hard to

live up on that lonely island you surrounded me by. Who am I

to be loved by such a tender heart as yours. And yet what I

wouldn't give for your loving touch.

Now I await at night for you to come to me. You always said

you could feel me as if we were one. I didn't feel your love

as you stood by me like a lonely watcher. But oh I do now

and long for the moment we meet at night. Do you still wait

for me like a lost lover? Come to me my darling and let's fly

to the stars and meld into one. Let me be the siren that melts

that lonely heart of yours and melts at your wonderful words.

Come my darling watcher, for my heart is yours!



You come to me in silent night and lay down beside me in our blanket

of ectasy. The smell of roses and you take me higher than I have ever

known. The music of the spheres plays in our hearts as we do as lovers

do! Our souls dance to the strain of the melody as we rise in sweet crescendo

and fall back to earth once again. My soul feels rebirthed in you!

In the silence of night, I can hear the stars as they whisper and I feel,

the touch of stillness as you kiss me softly. In the night I can feel you

and know every part of you. I know your inner light and outer darkness.

I know your thoughts for they are my thoughts. One kiss and the morning

dawns, leaving my heart with you and the silent night!



I feel the night all around me, like a swirling cosmic light.

It comforts my soul to dance under, the sparkling stars in the night.

Then I feel your loving presence, gently touch my long dark hair.

I feel a blissful aura about me, that tingles just to know your there.

If just one kiss you would give me, and take my hand and dance an hour,

I could live off of this moment, for your touch gives off such power.

So tonight when dreams evade my sleep, come to me my love to be.

Let's dance on moonbeams and lay in stardust, and have this night of ectasy!



Night has fallen like a veil of mystery around me.

I hear the haunting and melodic call of the Whipporwill

and my heart beats with joy. I feel the warm breeze

scented with the faint perfume of the Honeysuckle. And

I dream; dream of your touch, your voice, your kiss. I

can almost hear you whisper my name in my heart. I hear

the sweet velvet echo like a lovesong. Night has fallen like

a warm blanket of warmth. I feel the glow deep in my soul.

Yes, I love the night time. Ever a companion to my lonely heart!



Frozen in moonlight and time, I am the lonely observer.

Looking in from the outside, waiting for the flame of

desire to stir within me. Watching the lovers float by

on their blissful clouds. I always seem cold and aloof,

but inside full of passion and intrigue sailing by on my

solitary cloud. The voice I hear within me drawing me

ever closer to you! I am awakening my love and the ice

which has encased my heart is breaking. I am learning

to love, I am learning to sing. Like a flower ready to

bloom in the middle of spring! I am a lonely observer

for now; only for now!



I dreamt of the night, you were there
you touched my long-flowing hair.
Whispering words, like a song,
dancing and loving all night long.

Dressed in moonshine, I followed you,
we walked among the stars, as we often do.
The planets shone their glorious light,
I dreamt of you; I dreamt of the night!



In the misty twilight through the veils of time,
I can see your eyes, staring into mine.
Ancient times behind us, ahead lies destiny,
mingled in mysterious wisdom of things yet to be.

In the temples of the ancient past, I can see your face.
In the vast desert and starry nights in a distant place.
We look out over the horizon and wonder of things to come,
always knowing deep within, the two of us are one.

Many lives in many places, we have come to know,
and in many walks of life, we will come and go.
And in dreams we walk and dance; we have our special star.
Each night we are together, no matter where we are.

And in a life yet to come, together we will be,
I will remember you and you will remember me.
Our first dance and our first kiss will never be the last,
our destinies will always meet as they have within the past.



I can almost feel your breath on my face,
as I gaze into those eyes so deep and
intense. The connection between us grows
stronger every infinite moment! You told
me we will always be one and no one can
ever take that away! And I hold that thought
in my heart and it saves me...For now we meet
in dreams, but our love is eternal!

..... I'm waiting.....



There was a certain wedding,
when the world was young.
When the sun first shone it's light,
and the first song was sung.

The rose shone in all it's glory,
it's radiance was all brand new.
I came out of stardust,
and I danced with you!

Do you not remember
the sacred vows we made?
We took our first steps together,
as the foundation was laid.

Come to me my love of old,
for in wedded bliss
we shall remain eternally.
Come seal it with a kiss!



Weaver of dreams and caster of spells;
you've got that odd magic about you.
I fall from the stars just to catch a
glimpse of your face. You cast me from
the midnight sky to enter your dreams.

In your dreams I am there on a white
horse, your lady fair, and you touch
my face and I fall in love with you.
And you say,' My dream of you.'
And you cast your spell over me again!

What magic do I have to counter that?
I will gladly play your lady my knight.
For you've got that odd magic about
you that I cannot resist. And I realize
you've never cast a spell at all. For I
was the willing participant all along

For love just does that!




I think of you from dusk til dawn,
and all the times far beyond.
The magic that you weave in me,
is more than just a fantasy.

Am I in your heart and mind?
Or have you left me way behind?
Come lets linger with a kiss,
for every moment with you is bliss!




Deep in your arms I need a sanctuary
far from the ice and snow.
Only you can take me there,
where the flowers grow.

How I need to feel your touch
make the numbness go away.
Melt the ice around my heart,
I need a sanctuary today!



Look to the sky, for I am there,
cloaked in stardust and long dark hair.
I am waiting for your return,
and like a star each night I burn.

Look to the stars for that is me,
lighting my love for you endlessly.
Oh my love, open your eyes.
For I am there in the skies!



Tonight's the night I always say,
but each moment slips away.
I wait and wait but never see,
except in dreams and fantasy.

But to hope I'll hold on tight.
Waiting for you in the night.
When I feel your midnight kiss,
and dream the dreams of nightly bliss!



In the heights of the sky I call to you.
Are you listening?
There is silence in the midst of the stars.
In dreams you can hear their song.
Listen for my song, for it is only for you
my love!

In the heights of the sky I touch you.
Do you feel me?
Here in the wideness of space we are one,
in our flight of pure love of eternity.
Don't be afraid my love for it is only me.
Do you remember?



Into the night, in silent thought, I dream of you.
Where are your thoughts tonight? Do you remember me too?
It's been too long since I've touched your lips and said your name.
But do not think I've forgotten, for my feelings are still the same.

I feel the magic of your kiss and hear your voice on the wind.
I feel your arms around me, and I never wish it to end.
So if your thinking of me too, in the silence of the night,
Come to me in our sacred place and hold onto me so tight!



Like an artist's canvas, you are etched within my heart.
Your smile, your laughter and your face haunt my dreams
everynight. Like the waves upon the shore, there is no end
of you to me! You are the one, and you will always be.

I see your face so vividly although we've never met. And
though we've never spoken, your voice I can't forget. I hear
you call out to me everynight under the starry sky. I feel your
touch, as you paint yourself upon the canvas of my soul.



Follow me, oh my love
and let us fly away together.
Through veiled mist of forest,
across rivers and glade, let us
take our sanctuary; let us be....
No rules, no follies, just peace
and contentment. Let us be free.

Follow me, oh my love
where crystal waters flow.
Hear the music of the trickling
stream, as it flows across the
rocks. Feel the life and always
live it to the fullest. Be happy!

Follow me, oh my love
and touch my hair as I
lay my head on your shoulder.
Kiss the dove and hear it's
joyful song. Feel this moment.
It has a life of it's own, that will
live on through eternity!



With stars in my eyes I cling to you,
my hands long to touch you every where!
But you are far reaching like the stars,
so I shall gaze longingly at you never
holding you as I desire!

I ache with the intensity of loving
someone I cannot reach! With
holding on to a dream that will
always remain within the boundries
of the night time realm!


Come to me heart of my heart
do not deny me your love.
Do you hear a song from the stars,
imparting where love doth flow?
Let's steal gently into the night,
where all the lovers go!
So come to me my lover soul,
let's fly over land and sea!
And perhaps the day will come,
when you remember me!
Then together we shall go,
to the sanctuary of love!



If my love was a bird in the evening sky,

with a song and a word, to you I would fly.

But my love is an echo, calling your name,

over and over, it's always the same.


If my love was a black hole in the outer rim,

I'd pull and I'd pull, until you were in.

But my love is vibrating your name in my soul,

a part we are half, together we are whole.




The radio played a cool Beatle tune,

"Hey Jude", echoed all through the car.

The only light came from the moon.

I had not traveled yet far.


Then the snow fell silently down,

reminding me of a far away time.

When the two of us were snowbound,

the time when you were still mine.


My mind went back to our home in the wood,

the joy we knew that night.

Although every moment we had was good,

it was bliss, you, the snow, and the moonlight.


Now as I drive through the heavy snow,

I remember the warmth and the fire.

The music played soft and low,

as our hearts beat with love and desire.


The snow fell heavily outside,

we didn't seem to care.

only our hearts open wide,

we created our magic there.


But too soon the magic went away,

to where I do not know.

But the memory will always stay,

of a snowbound night, long, long ago!




Did you hear me whisper, in your ear tonight,

as I gazed up at the stars, burning with delight?

I wished you a happy life, and hope someday to see,

your bright eyes and tender smile, beaming just for me.


I feel your presence around me, and in my heart to stay.

And I wonder where you are, upon this very day.

And so tonight I looked up, and whispered in your ear,

I wish you love and happiness, please tell me that you hear.




In the land of the lakes, with green moss and wood,

with mountain and mist, there he stood,

               that lover of mine

              way back in time.


Eyes of rare green, and blackest of hair,

with a smile so bold, and a keen intense stare,

               that lover of mine

              way back in time.


I'll never forget his loving embrace,

his warm intense eyes, or his handsome face,

                 that lover of mine

                way back in time.


Even though lives have come and gone,

for me our love lingers on,

                that lover of mine

               way back in time.  




You come to me in nightly dreams,

how I know your face.

We are close, so it seems,

in another place.


On a rock our heads did lie,

together, touching, still.

Looking up to the sky,

oh! How it made me feel.




I remember you, you were my love of old,

though many lives have past, my love grows never cold.

You never left my heart, but are ever locked in tight.

You're always in my prayers, each and every night.


I remember you, oh, ancient love of mine.

We will dance once more, on the edge of time.

It will be as if, you've never been away,

when our eyes do meet, on that special day!



I had a dream last night, you were there,

you held me close and tight, and kissed my hair.

You so softly called my name, your touch felt so real,

just a dream, always the same, but how it made me feel.



She has a quiet beauty, seldom ever seen.

Sitting in her chair, looking so serene.

Looking out the window she smiles, as if to say,

"I share a little secret, with the sunny day."


She waits for her love, with the moon's full light,

with beauty and with grace, she walks into the night.

She listens for his footfall, as every time to pass,

echoing their love song, as they walk upon the grass.



How often I've imagined, when I see your eyes,

looking into mine, with wonder and surprise.

When our eyes do meet, on that fateful day,

What will we do? What will we say?


What can you say, to the very one,

promised to you, in the blazing of the sun?

Your lips so soft, your breath on my face,

together forever, in our sacred place.


But we cannot push, for time to fly,

when it will be just you and I.

We will have eternity,

for it is our destiny!



In the deep of the night, I reach for you.

You touch my hair, as you reach too.

Your eyes intensely stare into mine.

And for the moment, there is no time.


You tenderly kiss my hand.

My every thought, you understand.

No words are needed, between you and I,

as the night goes slowly by!



You are the starlight of my heart, and the lover of my dreams.

You are the whisper on the wind, and the moonlight in the beams.

You are my every awakening thought, and the last I think at night.

You are the hero of my story, and the meaning of delight.


You are the fragrance of the rose, and the breeze on the air.

You are the reflections of my mind, and a jewel so rare.

You are my knight in shining armour, and my destiny.

You are my love through all time, and the other half of me!



I dreamt of pure love, I felt it in the way,

he touched my soul each night, and revitelized my day.

It was more than just a dream, it felt very real.

I cannot describe the way, he made me feel.


In the dream, we each got sick, the other by our side.

If he would have crossed over, I know I would've died.

How my love is calling me, I feel him every night.

And soon we'll dance in union, in the rainbow light!




Your eyes stare into mine, like fire

blue pools, like the sky, filled with desire.

There is no other lover like you

without your touch, I couldn't get through.

Your smile, like silver, shines so bright

like stars in the sky, you light up the night.

Every night, you touch my soul

as we make love, with no control.



In a secluded spot, down by the sea,

she waits for her love, but where could he be?

Then in a low whisper she could softly hear,

 He calls "Here I am, have no fear!

A true love, but kept well hidden,

For such love remains forbidden

A lady and a pirate, the two cannot share,

a beauty, and passion and love so rare!

A touch, a kiss, as lovers do

and then too soon the night is through.

A kiss for parting then out to sea

another tryst kept secretly!


The lady and her knight,

the two hath taken to their plight.

But death hath stolen all but sorrow.

For the lovers no tomorrow.

Wedded bliss and a vow,

no earthly cause could stop them now.

The two in the woodlands flee,

but not far behind, is misery.

The lady doth now awaken,

but her true love hath forsaken.

A bottle lays within his hand,

as angels cry within the land.

A kiss upon his lips so pale,

a secrete only lovers tell.

A dagger pierces through her heart,

even death cannot keep their love apart



Deep into the night I hear a whisper;

a voice calling me from ancient times.

My heart bades me go, but my mind

says stay, for it will only lead to hurt.

My heart says go for I have forgiven

the heartbreak. I hear the voice calling

me and paralyzed I lay there afraid to

go and yet afraid to stay. The voice,

a breadth of a whisper now, calling me

from further away. I reach out to the voice

but it is heard no more. Only silence fills

 the night. And once again I fall asleep to

dream a new dream!



Into the night, in silent thought, I dream of you.

Where are your thoughts tonight? Do you remember me too?

It's been too long since I've touched your lips and said your name.

But do not think I've forgotten, for my feelings are still the same.

I feel the magic of your kiss and hear your voice on the wind.

I feel your arms around me, and I never wish it to end.

So if your thinking of me too, in the silence of the night,

Come to me in our sacred place and hold onto me so tight!



Serenade me beautiful swan,

and bless me with your song.

Your graceful dance upon the

waters, takes me far away.

How I long to see you dance

upon the water's edge.

While the moon so bright above,

shines down upon my hair.

Can you tell me if my love,

has heard my call to him?

As the stars reflect in water,

and my heart longs to swim.



I dream of red silk and midnight hue.

I dream of starlight and shades of blue.

The scent of roses permeate the air,

as I dream of a love who will take me there.

I dream of whispers and love's sweet kiss.

I dream of moonlight and passion's bliss.

The touch of someone in the night,

I dream of such things til morning's light!


















Love is the best medicine, and there is more than enough to go around once you open your heart.---- Julie Marie
Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you.---- Vipin Sharma
"Love is friendship set to music."--- E. Joseph Crossmann
"Of all the earthly music, that which reaches farthest into heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart."---- Henry Ward Beecher
The Time I've lost in wooing,
In watching and pursuing
The light that lies
In women's eyes
Has been my heart's undoing.---- Thomas Moore
" I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times,
in life after life, in age after age forever."---- Rabindranath Tagore
Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly
and without law, and must be plucked where it is found,
and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration."---- D. H. Lawrence
After all these years I see that I was mistaken about Eve
in the beginning; it is better to live outside the Garden
with her than inside it without her.---- Mark Twain
For one human being to love another:
that is perhaps the most difficult of our tasks;
the ultimate, the last test and proof,
the work for which all other work is but preparation.---- Rainer Maria Rilke

"Gravitation can not be held responsible for people falling in love"

"How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics
so important a biological phenomenon as first love?"

"Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour.
Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute.
THAT'S relativity."---- Albert Einstein

"Love is the flower you've got to let grow."---- John Lennon


 "Silence,they say,is the voice of complicity. But silence is impossible. Silence screams. Silence is the message,just as doing nothing is an act. Let who you are ring out and resonate in every word and deed. Yes,become who you are. There's no sidestepping your own being or your own responsibility. What you do is who you are. You are your own comeuppance. You become your own message. You are the message. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse." 
 Leonard Peltier~ U.S. Federal Prisoner #89637-132 

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep a bower quiet for us, and a sleep full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing."--John Keats