This is the inspirational hall...with words that paint a beautiful picture or insight!



A giant lake up in the sky
with clouds as ships sailing by,
all upon the waters of blue
only seen by a few.

The stars shine in a midnight sky
which are like lighted firefly.
Or jewels cast upon a crown,
majestically proud looking down.

The Butterfly as the fairy air
bringing beauty everywhere.
Seen with eyes from above,
projecting out their endless love.

The Birds sing out their joyous song,
to comfort us the whole night long.
Bringing two hearts from afar,
together no matter where they are.

Just look up into the sky
and see the lake and Butterfly.
Or the stars sparkling light
and hear the birds singing in the night.

And know the beauty that lies within,
then ancient music on the wind.
Imagine the wonders you can see,
if you allow your soul to be!



You are very special in everything you do,
in every way you look; in every way you view.
Do not be discouraged when others turn away,
for you are very special each and everyday.

You are very special in every way you are,
just like a beautiful bright and shining star.
Always remember to thine own heart be true,
for you are very special just by being YOU!



Born of the night and endless sky,
an explorer of dreams and mystery.
Made of the stardust way up high,
weaver of ancient history.

Made of the glow of the midnight star,
lover of dance and song.
Celestial music from afar,
sings to me all night long!



Golden beams of starry dreams,
are dancing in my head.
I must confess, their loveliness,
lures me to my bed.

Tender touch of stardust,
a lighted moonlit glow.
Leads the way, with it's golden ray,
to the place where dreamers go.



They sat in the parlor listening to the serenade of the night,
three young ladies of beauty's delight.
Brushing their long hair and dreaming of a midsummer's day,
when upon the winds of love they will fly away.

A charming melody, they bask in the glow,
and dance in the way, only dreamers know.
Sultry, and sensual; the scent of fragrant air,
the pull of the song and the flow of their hair.

They dance all together; a fair sight to see,
dazzled and mingled with the night's mystery.
Their laughter ripples into the deep of the night,
three young ladies of beauty's delight!



In a faraway land,
in the hot desert sand
she dances all night long.

They come from afar
through many suns and star,
to hear her gypsy song.

She covers her face,
with beautiful lace,
and her eyes are jaded green.

Her smile like gold,
her dances so bold;
they love the gypsy queen!



Morning has broken, and so have my dreams.
They live in the realm where starlight gleams.
Though morning brings a halo of light.
I always live for the deepest night.

Morning has broken, bringing forth it's golden ray .
I live through it, for me it's just another day.
But when the stars peek through the veil of light,
My dreams come forth in the deepest night.




Long flowing hair; a golden brown, a smile to melt the coldest heart.
Upon the boat she sat, flowing down the river, like the queen of the Nile.
A soft summer breeze picks at the ends of her hair, warm and scented of
pines. As she touches a reed with her soft hands and listens to the song of
the birds, she feels the gentle rocking of the boat and daydreams away the
afternoon. Her long white gown gently clings to her as she falls into a peaceful
sleep. The smell of evening awakens her and she smiles at the thought of where
her adventures had taken her. For just awhile as she was floating down the river
she was the queen of the Nile. Dreams can take you anywhere upon a summer's day!




Caught in the flow and ebbs of my dreams

and the ancient valleys and endless streams,

the myriad of oaks, in the forest of yesterday,

calling to me each night as I lay.

What visions of velvet starlight bliss

and moonshine secrets of a lover's kiss.

Wrapped up in warmth of dreamers sea,

always in stardust calling to me.



The Luminous wind calls out to me,
filled with light and mystery.
I hear the spherical stars of the night,
while I dream my soul takes flight.

Through the starlight galaxies I find my way,
where there is no night and there is no day.
Only beauty is welcomed there,
while celestial music fills the air.

The silent wind caresses my face,
as I find my soul within this place.
Come with me into the night,
a haven of rest; a dreamer's delight.



She dreams as she wanders through the hot desert sand,
like a wayward gypsy from ancient times. A Hawk screeching
wildly above, like a guardian dreamer connecting her to the
sands of reality, while she is lost in her dreams.

The song of the desert wind invokes visions of caravans
and sheiks riding under of jewels and beauty. And
beautiful gypsys dancing under the moon, calling to
them their dreams of the desert.



Sweet city woman,with green emerald eyes,
you take to your fancy; alluring and wise.
Many the men that fall at your feet,
with your tinkling bells and smile so sweet.

Sweet city woman with glamour and delight,
you dazzle each day and light up the night.
In your clapper girl fancy you walk down the street.
Smiling and humming and dancing your feet.

Sweet city woman the night life your game.
Under the starlight, you walk in your fame.
Dancing and laughing the night time away,
loving in the night and living each day.



I am a watcher of the night,
in all her splendor and her light.
She casts me in her royal glow,
and tells me things all dreamers know.

Her stardust falls upon my head,
hours before I go to bed.
Her light, in which we call the moon,
fades away much too soon.

The night and I, close and true,
await to hear a word from you.
The night, she's made for lover's bliss,
so lets seal it with a night time kiss.



I dream in stardust and mystery; of
ancient days of long ago. I hear the
song of the night, and my heart is
filled with the magic of legends and
dreams. I hear it's calling and know
it's truth!

I dream in moonbeams and starlight;
of days yet to come. I hear the call of
the morning, and I dance to the song of
the birds reminding me of the day that
lays before me. I hear the call of destiny,
to reap what I sow in the night!



To the moon and stars and quiet night,
you fill me up with tender light.
So calm with beauty, there you lie,
a treasure for the naked eye.

You urge my heart to sing and dance,
as though my soul is in a trance.
I gaze at you til morning's dawn,
until the last twinkling star is gone.



(This picture was painted in Nuremberg, Germany town hall in 1621 during congress time)

Stately men in their finest array,
arguing and chattering in a political display.
In their flamboyant clothes,
standing proud as they pose.

Medival paintings on the walls,
stained glass windows in the halls.
With beautiful tiles on the floors,
and elegant designs on the doors.

To go back in time and see,
all the artistocracy.
A picture of Nuremberg in days of old,
on a painting, embossed in gold.




Those nostalgic moments, not so long ago,
fills my heart with music, and makes the north wind blow.
Waking up on Christmas morn, at the break of day,
riding in a horse drawn wagon, all covered up in hay.

Those nostalgic moments by the fire's glow,
dancing around the Christmas tree; caught under the mistle toe.
Holding hands with a loved one, on a cold starry night,
as silently the world stands still under the pale moonlight.

Those nostalgic moments I have come to know,
walking down a country road all blanketed in snow.
Every single moment my heart is filled with glee,
wrapped up like a present in my memory.



Tucked away in the woods, covered all in snow,
stands a little Spruce tree full of starlight glow.
There stands a wooden cabin right by the little tree,
filled with loving welcome for all who come and see.

The woodland creatures tread there; their footprints in the snow.
The birds gather on the Spruce tree, on branches high and low.
All who come are welcomed within the warmth and light,
a cheery heartfelt place on a cold and wintry night.



The music of silence fills my being like satin
sheets and fragrant roses. The air is permeated
with concertos of moonlight and stars. I feel the
vibrations of farway melodies played with chellos
and violins. Like a song of fairy delight that lights
up my soul and takes me to lands unknown.

The music of silence fills my senses with perfumed
Jasmin and the scent of foreign trees and skies of
deepest blue. I start to dance like I am on a carpet
ride of pure ectasy. I realize I have become the music
and I ride on the wind to places not of this world. The
secret is; all things are of music. The music of life!



In deep of sleep, halls I see
the hall of dreams of mystery.
All our dreams within this place
a meeting spot where all embrace.

The guardian of night, guides our step,
as we enter the place where dreams are kept.
A hall so vast, there is no end,
a place where dreams of love and nightmares blend.

It tells the story of ancient time,
of Kelts and Druids and Shakespeare rhyme.
The creation, of stars and space,
of love and roses with silk and lace.

The hall of dreams of starlight glow,
takes you where you want to go.
So as the moon glows and gleams,
I'll meet you in the hall of dreams!



Like a little child, I am frightened of the dark,
until you remind me, I am a little spark,
of pure light!

Then visions of monsters and creatures of the night,
simply vanish into the myst of the light,
of the stars!

The beauty of your face in the visions that I see,
remind me that you are always a special part of me,
forever more!



I dream of red silk and midnight hue.
I dream of starlight and shades of blue.
The scent of roses permeate the air,
as I dream of a love who will take me there.

I dream of whispers and love's sweet kiss.
I dream of moonlight and passion's bliss.
The touch of someone in the night,
I dream of such things til morning's light!



Upon a hunter's moon with stars up in the sky,

you can hear the wolf pack with their mournful cry.

Upon a hunter's moon in the cold night air,

ice upon the pond and snow-laden trees so bare.

Upon a hunter's moon, I wish to know the one,

that melts my heart to love like a warm summer sun.

Upon a hunter's moon, a night made for bliss.

A night made to warm the soul and seal it with a kiss.



I watch the stars reflect upon the waters

and I desire to be,

like the stars shining bright,

to sparkle like a jewel all

through the night,

and inspire every soul who gazes above.

To be part of a constellation that is

moved by the rhymn of love!




Rest in me, for here I am; a gentle touch is all you need.

Rest in me, for I won't let your tender heart to bleed.

And when the snow melts and the spring sun shines bright,

you can plant the seeds of life anew, and fill your heart with light!



The sun shines bright in my heart,

and the grass has looked never greener.

Come take my hand, let's make a start.

For the world has never looked more keener.

I can see the sky more blue today,

more blue than ever it was before.

The stars and moon brighten my way,

and I can open up every door.

I am starting fresh, I am starting new.

Life has kissed me and left his mark.

And I'll live as all dreamers do,

and off to my journey I will embark.



In the night when the heaven is ablaze with all the lights of fire,
that is when I feel at rest; me a moonlight traveler. When all the
world is asleep all cozied up in bed, that is when I gaze at the stars
and travel light years away. I feel pulled to the Earth and yet I feel
at home in the stars. I am two living in one! I am a star child and an
Earth lover tied to both places; happy and free.

I see the Milky Way and I remember floating down the river of stars.
Wondering which soul is crossing over the river of life. I can feel the
life and mysteries of the stars in my soul. In the night I can touch the
sacred. I can remember the Goddess in me and fly with my soul to places
far beyond human recollection. Come, come with me and let's soar and
remember! We are all moonlight travelers!



Look deep within you and you will see a mystical soul.
Listen to the whispers in the night of the silent observer
within you. Feel the power of the inner child trying to
break through. You will find rainbows of color, music
of the spheres, and love so encompassing you will fly
out of this world and explore galaxies unknown. While
the sleeper sleeps, the dreamer awakens and takes
flight and swings on stars and catches moonbeams and
recognizes the Goddess within. Do not deny yourself who
you are, you are a child of God and a child of the stars.
Night is your glory so shine bright. You've got the stars in
the universe inside you. You were made from stardust and
made for the Earth. You are and will always be a mystical



The night is upon me and oh my joy! How I love such nights as these.
Observing the planets as they spin in orbit and the constellations as
they brighten the sky. Me, the allowed stranger who intrudes upon
the celestial heavens as I watch the boat floating across the sky
wondering if a God may be crossing the river of infinity. Tell me the
poet who cannot be inspired by watching the twinkling orbs like jewels
in the sky! I would tell you one does not exist, who can be alive, who
is not inspired by the stars of heaven! So wrap me up in a blanket of
stars, for eternity I could stay asleep within their golden glow of eternal



Deep into the night I hear a whisper;
a voice calling me from ancient times.
My heart bades me go, but my mind
says stay, for it will only lead to hurt.
My heart says go for I have forgiven
the heartbreak. I hear the voice calling
me and paralyzed I lay there afraid to
go and yet afraid to stay. The voice,
a breath of a whisper now, calling me
from further away. I reach out to the
voice but it is heard no more. Only silence
fills the night. And once again I fall alseep
to dream a new dream!



She lay within her enchanted dream;
clouds of mist filled the air. The song
of the night whispering words of love
within her ear as she lay dreaming of
the one who claims her heart and soul.

A soft and sensual breeze gently carresses
her hair as silently it flows into her room.
Like a lover's tender touch it evokes it's
magic spell upon the sleeping enchantress.
She sighs a warm and blissful sigh as the
moonlit night casts it's glow.

All is possible in an Enchanted Dream!



The night speaks softly of ancient time;
druids, ruins, and symbolic rhyme.
Of siren songs in the air,
magical caves and sacred prayer.

The night speaks softly, with the tune
of the silent stars and mysterious moon.
The night is filled with gentle breeze,
and puts my restless soul at ease.



I am a woman, sensual to the core;
mysterious, curious and hard to ignore.
I like to feel silk, satin, and lace,
the touch of a hand carresing my face.

I am a woman, serious and mild.
Sometimes I'm innocent other times wild.
I like soft words whispered at night;
a walk in the dark under moon light.

I am a woman, loving and fair;
erotic, exotic, and blissfully aware.
I like to be alluring and true.
I am a woman, I am calling to you!



Dancing in the dark under the full moon and
chanting the starlight song, as the power of
the universe comes forth into my soul. A
crystal in my hand; an amethyst, and a snake
stone in the other; my guardian. In the distance
the sound of the lone wolf wailing and giving his
song to grandmother moon as guardian to Earth

I dance to the power of the universal energy, ever
faster as I feel the sparks go deep into my soul.
Realizing, whatever I do for myself I do for all man
kind. I dance for all suffering to end and I dance for
love to be felt everywhere in this world. The energy is
so high it flies to the Universe; the golden glow of eternal
love. As the dance slowly comes to an end I gaze up to
the stars and feel the silence of love.



A flowering bud; ripening in beauty, she carresses her body in all her most intimate places. Savoring the sacred goddess within; mysterious and sensual and yet full of innocent glory. Learning the ways of the stars while finding her place in the world. Her eyes slighty glazed with desire and the essence of her femininity. Yes, she is a woman coming into her awakening!



Little maiden with the golden hair,
why do you sit and sadly stare?
Has your daddy gone to war?
Will he return to you no more?

Little maiden why don't you play,
like you do most every day?
Send a kiss out on the wind,
until he comes home to you again!

Little maiden if it's so,
that the wind no more will blow.
Then your tears of golden hue,
will surely bring his love to you!



In the recess of my sleep, as the stars shine out at night,
are vivid visions that I keep, filled with shining light.
To catch the fullness of my dream, I come close and yet,
the memory slowly fades it seems, and still I can't forget.

I try and form words to express, what I don't know how to say.
Feelings and glimpses seem to press, all throughout my day.
I try and try to recall, but still it lingers there.
I remember bits but not all, like little puffs of air.

But in the night when sleep invades, like a sultry, silky voice,
and in the softness sleep persuades, as if I had a choice.
Still I linger a moment or two, as the dream world sets right in,
then I see a familiar view, like a comforting friend.



Destiny calls me,
as starlight falls on me,
and the whispering wind caresses my skin.

Oh how I wonder,
many nights I do ponder,
who and what I really am.

My destiny awaits me,
my soul does elate me,
and I know I got a place in this world.



To live life simple, to live life free,
nothing ever beats simplicity.
Unfettered and uncluttered from stress from the mind,
leaving all the chaos and inner strife behind.

No material possesions to lead one astray.

No doctrinated beliefs to get in the way.

Free to just focus on being just me.

Nothing is better than simplicity!

I walk alone in the moonlight.
I walk alone in the deep of the night.
I walk alone in my thoughts every day.
I walk alone in my dreams when I lay.

I've walked alone since the moment of birth.
I walk alone upon this sweet earth.
And someday when I take my last breath of air,
I'll walk alone in death's lonely affair!

Do you wonder if time, is only in your mind?
And somewhere ou there, they've left it all behind?
Can you feel eternity, as you gaze up at a star?
Do you ever wonder, who and what you are?

Feel the oneness deep within, to our Creator up above.
Feel his very presence, all wrapped up in love.
He gave us the gift of life, an etermity of breath.
So we could live on and on, after every death!



Do you know who I am? Do you know my face?
I've got a name, but I don't have a place!
Do you know who I am? Do you know what I do?
Anything I can just to pulll through!

Do you know who I am? Do you even care?
You walk right by me as though I'm not there!
Do you know who I am? There are millions like me!
Walking the street, that people don't see!


In my quiet time, I sip a cup of tea,
doing all the things, that are just for me.
I meditate, I contemplate, I have my time of prayer,
then I go out under the stars, and simply stare.
In my quiet time, peace and harmony,
I can always find, for they are not far from me.
I love to play with my child all day but still I need to find,
a little quiet time to ease my tired mind!


Oh, the contentment of a child, how I wish I could find,
the joy of the spirit that lies within, and gives you peace of mind 
The ectasy of the soul, that surpasses all other bliss.
Give me this state of the mind, there is nothing better than this.

Free from worries and all cares, give me the child-like way,
when I could linger over all my toys, and find solace and comfort all day.
Free from the plague of the mind, but the old foe keeps coming back,
reminding me of old time pleasures, and everything I lack.

Give me the comfort of my soul, wrapped in ectasy.
The feeling that I can't go wrong, feeling light and free.
Bring forth the inner child in me, like a long lost friend,
so I can enjoy contentment and warmth, and I can laugh again!
Will folks mourn me, when I'm gone,
or will I simply cease to be,
in their thoughts and in their hearts,
      for eternity?

Will thoughts of me, enter their minds?
How I'd like to know.
Or when I pass into the great beyond,
will they simply let me go?




I don't know your story. 
I don't know your song.
I don't know your destiny; 
whether right or wrong.
I only know you're someone;
important just like me.
We are all connected heart to heart,
like one big family.
So we must remember,
in everything we do,
that our actions and reactions,
flow from me to you.
So I don't know your story.
And I don't know your fate.
But I know if we live and love,                                                                                       
it never is too late! 
Whisper a word of kindess; whisper a word with heart.
Do not let the finer things, be torn all apart.
Dig deep within your soul; filled with beauty and grace,
and shine it out unto the world, in all the empty space.
Sing a song of love; sing a song with gladness.
Let the joy rise within and take away the madness.
Only you can reach above your sorrow and your strife.
Reach for the stars within and make a joyful life!
















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 "Silence,they say,is the voice of complicity. But silence is impossible. Silence screams. Silence is the message,just as doing nothing is an act. Let who you are ring out and resonate in every word and deed. Yes,become who you are. There's no sidestepping your own being or your own responsibility. What you do is who you are. You are your own comeuppance. You become your own message. You are the message. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse." 
 Leonard Peltier~ U.S. Federal Prisoner #89637-132 

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep a bower quiet for us, and a sleep full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing."--John Keats