Beautiful, glorious and sacrificing self for renewal,
you build a pyre and set yourself ablaze. For the
sake of self. Red bird of fire you come forth through
your ashes a new bird shedding the old self which no
longer is needful. You embrace your new strength and
fly to the heights of the sky to the city of the sun and
give the ashes unto the alter of the sun god for your
immortality. Embrace yourself for you are a child of
the sun and will live eternal through birth, death, and
renewal! The spirit never dies!


What love the gods have, with fire in their eyes.
Keepers of the temple, and very, very wise.
Their home in the skies from whence they came,
lights up the night with it's mystical flame.

They left us their symbols and legends of lore.
Their mystical presence in jewels that they wore.
The crowning glory of their fights and their deeds,
and a stamp of their footprints in the soil and weeds.

Now you can see them on the river they sail,
up in the cosmos from whence they first fell.
Looking down upon us, like gods on their throne.
In the still of the night we are never alone.
She wraps the moon with silver glow,
and spins the dreams in loving flow.
She haunts the night with tinkling bells,
and sets the light where lovers dwell.
she sings a mystic melody,
and brings the world in harmony!

She touches the stars as they spin,
to draw each loving soul within.
In misty dust, she paints the star,
to carry each wish near or far.
She is the maiden of the moon,
and sings the mystery of the loon.


A long time ago in a far away land,
dwelt a count who hunted and killed on demand.
Twas a sport to him, and if his vassals dared complain,
he'd hunt them down for pleasure, no body to remain.

Twas an evil deed; he lived only for the kill,
to hunt down animal or man; to him it was a thrill.
Then one hallowed eve in a forest dark,
when all was silent,not even his dogs did bark.

He lost all sense about him in the dense twilight.
His evening of hunting turned into dark of night.
It didn't seem familiar though he'd been that way before,
and the deeper that he tread it seemed unfamiliar more and more.

Angry and frightened he broke through to a place,
only a faint starry night shone down on the space.
He finally, exhausted, feel into a sleep,
when out of the bushes he heard something creep.

He grabbed his spear and called to his hounds,
but they cowered in silence, not making a sound.
He started for the brush when out came a man,
dressed in hunting garb from some ancient clan.

He blew on his horn and motioned him aside,
then came the ghostly figures and he wanted to hide.
On skeleton stags they came out of the brush,
and into the woods came over a hush.

The skeleton riders upon their ghostly steeds,
gored the ghostly hunter and made a stampede.
The young count could stare at such an aweful sight,
the blood and the violence he witnessed that night.

Then out of the mist they all disappeared,
except the ghostly hunter whom the count still feared.
He asked, 'who are you?' but silence was met,
except a sigh filled with regret.

He asked him again but still only the sigh,
until he said I command you to speak in the name of the most high.
Then as if chains broke, the hunter replied,
I am your ancestor of old, he did so confide.

Like you I only lived for the chase,
to hunt and kill in every place.
I loved it more than man, woman, or child,
to hunt everything domestic or wild.

In those days came famine in the land,
and food was scarce and highly on demand.
The hungry people came, and hunted on my place,
and ate off all my game, and left it in disgrace.

So angry was I, I swore unto that day,
to kill all the people who took my game away.
I threw them in the dungeon and they ate no fare,
at his grisly story the count could only stare.

He went on to say that the hounds were starved as well,
and he tied each person to a stag, the count grew cold and pale.
He let the hounds loose and they tore every one,
and didn't stop until more than the grisly deed was done.

The hunter went on to say that he also died that night,
put under a curse so they could exact their right.
Every night they would hunt and kill him over again,
he told the young count it would never end.

He warned and said for you it's not too late,
if you change your ways you can escape this terrible fate.
So pale, the young count went home, humbled that he,
could escape that terrible fate and forever be free.



Is an actual true account about The Sarah... from Harpswell; an area in Portland, Maine...

Out of the mist in the deep of the sea,
A ship appears mysteriously.
Could this be The Sarah of old?
Who sailed into Portland in November's cold?

The story begins,
with the tale of two friends,
who went into the shipping trade,
but over a woman, let their friendship fade.

George Leverett and Charles Jose,
set out to build a ship to sail far away.
In South Freeport, they met the lovely Sarah Soule,
and a friendship gone as they lost control.

A bitter fight had ensued,
pouring oil into the feud.
Charles tried to toss George into the sea,
their friendship ended; Charles walked away mysteriously.

George built the ship and married his bride,
The Sarah would now sail in pride.
Finally a good crew he found,
and then to Portland, Maine was bound.

bound for the West Indies with lumber and cod,
as a black ship followed them, like a wandering god.
The ship appeared as if from afar,
named The Don Pedro Salazar!

And at her helm was Captain Charles Jose,
fully loaded with cannon but no flag array.
The Sarah's crew; uneasy as the ship followed coarse,
The Don Pedro's crew was a menacing force.

Unarmed, The Sarah set sail for Nassau's shore,
The Don Pedro fired it's cannons and there was no more.
The Sarah damaged but still afloat,
George was alive but his crew was smote.

Charles tied him to the main mast,
and to the sea the ship was cast.
But oddly weak he did see,
appearing one by one, magically,

His crew did appear to sail away,
into Portland harbor on a November's day.
The pale and silent crew rowed ashore,
laid George upon a rock so goes the lore.

They climbed aboared the ghostly craft,
and in a misty fog they left.
And still if you look upon a restless sea,
The Sarah may appear mysteriously!



Angels of the sea, your beauty and grace,
enhances the magic of this sacred place.
Under the sea you swim with the whale
as you sing of the ancient legend and tale.

Angels of the sea, your lovely siren call,
causes the might sailors to fall.
The tradewinds carresses your long-flowing hair,
angels of beauty and treasures so rare.



Take the gift with bated breath,
keep it guarded til thy death.
Take the magic oh knight of old,
and keep it as if it were pure gold.

The lovely enchantress dove into the sea.
No more was seen; a mystery.
The knight took hold of the gift so rare.
A lock of her golden reddish hair.

What magic lies within this gift,
for not even did she bare a kiss.
A lock of hair was a worthless prize,
for a golden knight on the rise.

He thought to throw it to the sea,
but in his pocket he let it be.
He sailed to many lands and sought,
all the treasures that could be bought.

But one swift day he met his fate,
and prayed that time was not too late.
As if by chance his hand touched her hair,
and he remembered the maiden fair.

But the pirate to his sword,
and was about to pierce the lord.
But saw the reddish golden lock,
and meant more to him than land or rock.

He asked about the lock of hair,
and said he held a gift so rare.
For his lady, a beauty queen,
the rarest jewel ever seen.

Was put upon her a magic spell,
and was made within the sea to dwell.
And he was searching ever more,
for his lady he did adore.

And you were given a swift reprieve,
when from my lady you did receive,
the lovely gift your holding now,
now my knight take a vow.

The knight did vow that moment hence,
to remain a humble prince.
The lock of hair he threw to the sea,
so that the mermaid queen could be free.

Out of a veil of mist and air,
appeared the beauty of golden hair.
She went by her lover's side,
and they sailed away by evening tide.

The humble knight speechless at best,
put his rising fame to rest.
And married a lovely maiden fair,
who too had reddish golden hair.



Lady of the stars,
eyes like the night,
wrapped in mystery,
filled with light.

Zodiac girl,
that's what you are,
your veil of silk,
mingled with star.

Tell me what lies;
my destiny,
lady of the stars,
you're part of me!



A long time ago before the world was old,
there is a story that the ancients told.
A beautiful maiden; a fairy was she,
as bright as the sun, in love with the sea.

She'd often go alone in the night,
and swim in the sea under starlight.
A song she would form by the dust of a star,
inspiring all who lived near or far.

She dwelt by the ocean; sand and shore,
but the world wanted more.
So by the starlight she wished a dream,
that she could travel to valley, mountain, and stream.

Upon the first morning's light,
she took to the sky in pure delight.
For a maiden no more was she,
but a butterfly who could go beyond the sea.

So the butterfly was created that day,
to inspire all, whether near or far away.
Remember the maiden who loved the sea,
and became a butterfly for you and me!



She came upon the forest green; a beauty with Auburn hair.
A smile to captivate the king, or coax a dragon from his lair.
She won the hearts of ladies and bards and those from far or near.
The peasants greeted with hearts delight to the lovely Guinevere.

A royal lady of high regard, with a heart to rule the land.
She came to wed king Arthur and with him make a stand.
With her came a royal entourage of 100 knights,
to form the round table to King Arthur's delight.

All was well within the land until one day came,
a handsome knight of courage and untold fame.
Queen Guinevere's heart was not hers from that day.
And soon King Arthur left on a quest far away.

The beautiful queen could not stay away from her lover's door.
In secret they met every night but they always wanted more.
But as the years passed by with no word from the king,
their whispered words of love was more than just a fling.

Then one day the king returned and rumors filled the land,
of the unfaithful Queen Guinevere, now he must make a stand.
It is said she must die with burning fire at the stake,
and he could not save her from her torturous fate.

So that day so proud and serene, she was led away.
as she was tied to that pole she began to pray.
Then out of the mists, she was not forgot.
For she was rescued by the arms of her brave Lancelot!



He rode through the night upon his black horse.
Under the starry sky, as if lead by a mysterious force.
The dark woods forboding, in the silence of night.
With only the screeching owl taking to flight.

The cold winds icy touch whipped through his hair.
And the tall woodland trees spoke of despair.
But on he traveled through the ice and snow.
With a hint of the moon's silvery glow.

The dark knight touched by a single kiss,
transformed his cold heart into sweet bliss.
Forever infused because of this night,
when he saw his reflection filled with light!



Oh my lady under the sea,
what do you got in store for me?
I see your face in the ocean's depth
as I gasp to catch my breath.

Is this the way we mortals die,
to look a mermaid in the eye?
I see your eyes; a sadness there.
Filled with anguish and despair.

Perhaps this is just my fate
or you know you've come too late.
But knowing you are there with me,
calms my mind and lets me be.

But wait I feel a tug and air
and then into your eyes I stare.
Then with a call that sounds unreal
I feel my lungs start to heal.

You looked out on the waters deep,
and upon the sand I fell asleep.
I dreamt of a world where love abounds,
and upon the seas I heard a sound.

A call so high and yet so pure,
that I knew it came from her.
Then a voice said in my ear,
Do not worry, peace is here.



Stars in her hair and the moon at her feet,
a sensual smile to stop every heart beat.
Her long auburn hair falls down below.
And a bit of the stardust makes her eyes glow.

Sweet is the dreamer; a rare jewel indeed.
She captures the heart of all who are in need.
She sings a love song, to the glow of the moon.
As beautiful as the night, as haunting as the loon.

A rapturous beauty with eyes like the sea.
A voice like soft satin, a spirit so free.
She entrances the night; cast her spell.
Her laughter falls over like a tinkling bell.

Enchantress who wears stars in her hair,
the moon at her feet and jewels so rare.
The soft winds blow as she sings in the night,
and calls to the dreamers in their sleepless flight.



She greets the night with her song; a lonely song of the sea.
Her long gown is part of the waters; she is a mystery.
In velvet shades of the night, while the stars shine above,
her voice echoes across the sea, and lures men with love.

Her long hair flowing with gentle wind; a promise to bestowe.
The satin gown cast in precious jewels, sets the night aglow.
The waves billow around her feet, of which one cannot see.
She is the lady of the night; a beauty filled with mystery.

Do not kiss her lips of wine, for her gentle voice,
will take away your last reserve and take away your choice.
No man can look upon that face, and ever be the same.
She is the lady of the sea; that is her only name.



I walked a lonely path one night.

Deep in the woods there was a light.

And a flock of maidens all dressed in white.

They didn't seem to notice me there.

Their laughter, like a chime, filled the air.

Then in a circle they danced, two to a pair.

The music came from on the wind.

And it seemed to never end.

But music and maidens seemed to blend.

Then the circle around me came.

The night and the music seemed the same.

And in my heart I felt a flame.

I don't know what happened that night.

For my soul took it's flight.

Because I danced with the maidens in white.



Long ago and far away, across the ocean deep,
lies a land of beauty rare, I visit in my sleep.
Ancient stones stand erect veiled within a mist,
oh the ancient mysteries there,my soul cannot resist.

I see a man with hair of white,a sword within his hand.
He calls for peace and goodness and freedom within the land.
His beckoning voice reaches to me through my window pane.
I hear the melodic magic flute playing a sweet refrain.

My heart beats like a star, shining in the night,
but all too soon it's replaced by the sun's daylight.
And my visions disappear with the break of morn,
but as the stars come out each night, my visions are reborn.



Warrior princess of the north; valor and honor follow you.

With your trusty black steed, you go fight in battles oh

maiden with the long red hair. The snow Leopard and the

Wolf are your guardian brothers and keep you safe from

the Dragon queen who roams the land.

Warrior princess; keeper of the land of ice, beauty has

placed her mark in your summer green eyes. As the moon

reflects upon the snow and the stars shine like jewels in

the night, your thoughts are upon the next battle to keep

your land safe from harm.

Warrior princess I wonder how many hearts have fallen prey

to your icey gaze. For no man can compare to your warrior nature.



She wades the creek with gown in hand waiting for her love.

The one who is busy lighting fires from the stars above.

Oh the fire in her eyes, each time she looks his way.

And his heart burns with desire for his lady Fae.

They travel through the night, in woods so dark with fright.

While he cast magic spells, and lights up all the night.

But drawn to every word he says, she gazes at his hand,

and travels with her only love all throughout the land.

She loved him at the very first, and time cannot undo,

she'll live and breath his love divine, as if each moments new.

And when the sun rises each morn, to start another day,

Merlin reaches for his love, his lovely lady Fae.



There he stood in the moon's full light,

with a long flowing robe and hair of white.

He had a pointed hat that matched his robe,

and out of his hands came a spheric globe.

He moved the sphere to and fro,

brightly lit with an eerie glow.

He moved the ball into the night,

until it disappeared from sight.

He said incantations loud and clear,

I recoiled back in fear.

He said, 'apprentice take your stand,

and learn the power here at hand.'

So I stood and felt the power,

that appeared with every hour.

I would learn the power of the light,

and the magic that came with every night!



Deep in the heart of the woods I tread,

only the pine needle forest my bed.

A magical air about me shone,

and somehow I felt I was not alone.

I heard a flute so softly play,

round about me as I lay.

Then a sight I could not concieve,

had I not seen I wouldn't believe.

There she came upon the path,

golden hair and a silver laugh.

All the woodland creatures came.

And she knew them all by name.

A lovely fairy queen was she.

And I knelt upon my knee.

A Unicorn was by her side,

she touched the horse full of pride.

Then we danced in a circle of light,

dancing until the end of night.

Then as the night turned into day,

I awoke where I lay.

As the sun shone on me,

I wondered where she could be.

Then in the distance I did hear,

a lilting laugh and sound of lyre.



She glides across the sky and the stars are born.

The galaxies come to life as she plays her harp;

her voice as serene as a calm sea. Her eyes the

color of the night time sky and her lips as red

as the fragrant rose. Her tears start the rain

to fall and her laughter springs forth the flowers.

She is the sensual maiden, the huntress and the

mother. She talks to the animals and the trees

whisper in her ear. She is all things. She is the

mother of life. She is the feminine and all things

sprang forth from her being as she merged into heaven.

Come to the garden and drink from her essence for she

is called life!



I am walking in between the mystical night
and the waking day, torn between worlds
close and yet far away. Traveling to places
unimaginable and yet real, places I can't
explain. My eyes start to see beyond the
veil that blankets this world like a fog in
the night.

To see beyond the mist to the
stars above. Even past the stars into the
unknown. Come, come travel with me! I
hold out my hand to you and say simply
come! Do not be afraid of what you can't
yet see! It is glorious and wonderful and
full of beauty!



She stood there hair flowing, like a golden goddess. Listening to the seas
music in a conch shell. Smiling radiantly as her long golden hair swept over her naked body, hiding her most intimate places, her laughter ringing over the sea...then suddenly she climbs on a rock and dives into the waters....peeking her head up she smiles and then she's gone with a splash! And I wonder, 'was she a mermaid?'



Cascading waterfalls, on a moonlit night,
under a starry, starry sky.
A lone wolf howls while a solitary owl,
silently to a tree does fly.

Then out of the mist, a song in the night,
she appears in a magical air.
With a white flowing gown in the darkest of night,
with flowers in her hair.

A siren call with lush ruby lips,
she sings through the night.
As the dawn comes breaking through,
she disappears from sight!



Deep in the forest by a shaded glenn
with a flowing river, sat a young knight.
He had been hunting all day long
and got lost in the woods, so was his plight.

With thirst quenched he sat by the river bank.
He saw a young maiden sitting there
She looked at him with sensual eyes,
as she sat there braiding her hair.

He went over to her side,
and begged her to marry him nigh.
She told him she was a water nymph
and that she could never die.

She said she could marry him,
but a vow he would have to take.
He must always love her,
and her love he could not forsake.

For the moment he would deny her love,
he would surely die.
And she would be forever trapped,
between the earth and the sky.

He gladly took the solemn oath,
and they lived in wedded bliss.
She gave birth to their son,
and their days spent with loving kiss.

Years had passed and rumors of wars,
were starting to and fro.
though her heart was breaking,
she bade her love to go.

He offered his services to a French nobleman,
who wished to keep him in his train.
For such a courageous young knight,
he wanted him to remain.

The nobleman noticed his daughter,
had eyes for the young knight.
And though the young knight loved his wife,
he let greed and fame keep him from his plight.

He tried to drown the memory of,
his wife and son from his loving heart.
But he tossed and turned and couldn't sleep.
It tore him all apart.

He sought a priest and told him,
of his wife and her past.
The priest said to renounce her,
for such was never meant to last.

So the day of the wedding came,
he took his bride's cold hand.
He remembered the words his wife had spoken,
as a storm broke across the land.

He crossed a bridge upon his horse,
the water was getting high.
He plunged into the sea,
for he knew that he would die.

Within that very hour,
a storm came upon the castle grounds.
Swept up his wife and his son.
You can still hear their mournful sounds.







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 "Silence,they say,is the voice of complicity. But silence is impossible. Silence screams. Silence is the message,just as doing nothing is an act. Let who you are ring out and resonate in every word and deed. Yes,become who you are. There's no sidestepping your own being or your own responsibility. What you do is who you are. You are your own comeuppance. You become your own message. You are the message. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse." 
 Leonard Peltier~ U.S. Federal Prisoner #89637-132 

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep a bower quiet for us, and a sleep full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing."--John Keats